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About Quadriceps Products B.V.

Quadriceps Products is specialized in logistic IT solutions. Since the founding of the organization in 2000, both within the organization and in the outside world significant changes occured. Economic downturn and ever faster changing and improving technologies made that Quadriceps has become a dynamic organization, where software development, but also the development of employees is leading.

Besides Qmaze our organization currently has the following products in it's portfolio. Q4Cast and TimeOnTime. The development of these products is an ongoing story, but we are also looking for innovations and unique projects.

Furthermore, our employees are regularly used for short and medium external projects of ERP, CRM and project management.

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Who We Are?
We Make Software! But that is not all we do. We maintain our existing software and are also part of our time engaged in the search for new opportunities and innovations in the field of software development.
When our software is sold to a new customer, we will take over from the salesmen. Together with the customer we implement the software. We also provide training courses to both new and existing customers.
Our managing qualities are not only used within our own organization. We are also used to manage implementation projects of other (ERP, CRM) software.
Our Skills
Software Development
ERP/CRM Consultancy
Software Implementation (Support)
Project Management
ERP Optimization
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