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Project Description

Exertis is one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, partnering with 350 global technology brands and over 14,000 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers across Europe. In their most recent financial year to 31st March 2014, Exertis had a turnover of £2.3 billion ( EUR 2.9 billion) and grew by 22.4%.

The Exertis businesses formerly operated under the following, well-known brand names:

  • Exertis Advent, Exertis Gem, Exertis Micro-P and Exertis MSE in the UK;
  • Exertis Banque Magnetique and Exertis Comtrade in France;
  • Exertis Arc Telecom, Exertis MSE and Exertis Ireland; and
  • Exertis GO Connect in the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Exertis is using Qmaze for their complex products, where there is a lot of options and complexity, starting with their range of Dell and Fujitsu servers. Exertis has more then 10000 customers who have logins to the configurator, named ICE, Intelligent Configuration Engine.
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