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Reduce Errors

Reduce Errors

Always the right price

When business gets more complex, managing your quotation price can become a real headache. Prices and discounts may vary per customer, country, currency and change overtime frequently. Quoting a wrong price is always painful. You might be giving away your profit margin, or when you quote too expensive, your prospects may be running away to your competitor. With Qmaze your quote prices will be correct, complete and structured, no matter who creates the quote.

Always the right Specs

Did it ever happen that during the production proces you find out, the configured product is not correctly or completely specified? Additional engineering and rework may be needed to fulfill the order. Your sales margin will be gone.
Over the years, Complexity has increased, probably also in your product. On the other hand, your staff may be changing faster then before. Getting reliable and consistent product information in your quotes is becoming more and more difficult. With Qmaze your product knowledge is documented robust and properly in your product model. Quotes are easier to make, but also always correct. Impossible options are excluded, Mandatory options are not forgotten. The configured product will be a technical correct product without surprises This reduces your costs, headache and risks, and makes you less dependent on that one experienced guy who knows all the details.

Always the right BOM

From an accepted Qmaze quotation the Qmaze BOM module will generate a high-level Bill of Material and Bill of Labour/routing which will be interface to your ERP system. No more manual translation of your quotes to the shopfloor, where parts may be forgotton. Qmaze can also generate your shop floor documents, using the configuration dimensions and variables. Smoothen your business process, reducing errores and will save a lot of time and money.

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