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Streamline to ERP and CRM


Integrate to ERP

Qmaze will drastically reduce your leadtime. In Qmaze, your customer,dealer or agent will press the Order button. A split second later that Sales order, complete with the correct Bill-of-Material will appear in your ERP system, and a printer may be printing Shop floor documents with the specifications in your language.

CRM integration

Create and manage your Sales opportunities using your favoured CRM system.
Start making a quotation in CRM will open up Qmaze and guide you through the quotation process, creating a complete an complex quotation, saved in Word and or PDF format. Qmaze will update the opportunity price in CRM, and provide a link to the PDF/Word document, and let you manage multiple Quote versions.
No more fiddling and manipulating with Word documents, no more undocumented promises or forgotton discounts.

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