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Visualize your Product

Visualize your Product

3D Rendering in your browser

With Qmaze you can visualize your product and its options real-time in 3D. Using the latest WebGL technology it does not require a plugin, and will run on any modern browser. Not just on your PC, but also on tablets and phones. The 3D Rendering is running inside your browser and allows you to look at your product from all angles, run through it, animate its operation, and simulate the assembly or disassembly.


Qmaze supports various techniques, all with their own advantages. They are real renderings, so not just a sequence of pictures. Big advantage of the rendering technique is that new colors, textures and options can be added easily, often by just adding a simple image of a texture or color. This saves a lot of time, money and leadtime not having to go back to the fotostudio for identical pictures.

Although 3D is more advanced, sometimes a 2D drawing is still required. Qmaze can merge images and texts into a combined 2D image. This simple technique is very usefull to create technical drawings and images.

Qmaze runs on all platforms and devices

It doesn't matter if you work on a big Linux/Windows machine or on a tablet or even a smartphone. Qmaze will not let you down.

Clean & Simple

Qmaze is very simple to use. With a basic training you are able to start making your first models.

Easy To Customize

No customer is the same. That's why our software is easy to customize. Set your preferences and make it your own program.

Start Implementing

The implementation of Qmaze can start quickly after the buying decision. Before you know it you will build your first simple product model.

Fully Supported

If you need help, we are there for you. Our extensive customer service system makes sure that your questions are handled in the right way.

Use The Web

Qmaze has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology, using a Web browser as a base of the solution.

Why Choose Us?
Qmaze has been developed using the latest Microsoft technology, using a Web browser as a base of the solution. All data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database. Both the database and the web server are offered ‘in the cloud’ or as an in-house solution. The choice is up to you.
In only a few minutes you will build a simple product model. Building a complete machine, with dozens of technical calculations and validations on the background will take more time, but there is no restrictions in the amount of variables, options, rules and complexity.
Based on the customer’s choice, a fully customized quote can be created in a format ready to print. This offer is directly available in the browser and quickly exportable to MS Word or PDF. It is even possible to send it directly via e-mail. Besides texts it is also possible to save photo’s or generated drawings inside the offer.
During configuration you can immediately generate a 2D or 3D drawing. You can visualize your configurations and link customer choices to the drawing, which will be updated immediately to reflect the choices. Drawings can be exported from various CAD drawing formats, so virtually all existing CAD systems will be able to link to Qmaze.
Customers can configure your product online, and create quotes or sales orders immediately.
Quote and customer details can be integrated immediately to and from your CRM system. Sales orders made in Qmaze can flow directly to your ERP system, including a generated Bill of Material defining exactly what needs to be manufactured and delivered.
From ERP back to Qmaze the configuration status can be updated automatically. This gives your customers realtime valuable progress information regarding sales orders, shipping and invoicing.
The Qmaze productmodel is build with Qmazebuilder, a Windows application that can be used to :

  • Define items and products.
  • Questions (Variables) and their possible options.
  • Define Productrules (Constraints) using our own Qmaze intuitive language.
  • Define Bill of materiallines and their relation to the Variables in BOM-rules.
  • Generation of Itemcodes and Item descriptions, also based on Rules.
  • Define the product-Routing, making setup and processing/runtime depending on the selected options.
  • Pricing and discounts management. Prices and discounts are completely depending on options, customers and numbers of products. Al based on date.
  • Scriptmanagement. A HTML editor is avaiable to design screen layouts, reports, quotes with a WYSIWIG editor.
  • Documentmanagement. A build in FTP application, to upload,view,edit images and documents to the Webserver.
  • What Clients Say

    Starline is using Qmaze for some time now. Besides saving time in order entry Qmaze has great number of benefits.

    The bottom-line for Starline is that the quality of tenders has increased tremendously, while the order process is much more efficient and has become shorter.

    Tom Veldhuizen Tom Veldhuizen
    Our Clients
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